TRIBUTE TO H E THE ENIGMA Raila Odinga, The Kenya Redeemer!

TRIBUTE TO H E THE ENIGMA Raila Odinga, The Kenya Redeemer!

By Kiberenge Jnr

Critics and haters say many things about the Oracle, the Enigma, H.E Hon Amollo Woud Odinga, the father of democracy, the fulcrum of Kenya’s politics, the fountain of knowledge and wisdom. But whatever they say is not worth the bundles they use or the paper they print on or even they breath they use. Before they click the send button or they open their lips to insult the Enigma, they forget that he suffered to get them the freedom they are now enjoying, including that of insulting him. The furthest their own fathers could go in fighting for them was to slap flies on their smelly noses.
Ignoring the huge role Rt Hon Raila Odinga has played in shaping the future of Kenya is pathetic hypocrisy and absolute injustice to our solid history. His achievements in social justice and democracy are towering, tangible, explicit and beyond debate. His legacy is an unprecedent national monument. We may never find a replacement to meet his threshold in the near future, an individual who can be so generous to put his life on the line while fighting for the suffering majority.
No amount of denial and distortion can erase Rt Hon Raila’s role from our history which will live beyond generations and generations.The critics and naysayers determination to poke holes into the achievements of the Enigma is a toxic attempt in the worst kind of futility- nihilism.
What the ignorant key board warriors, spin doctors and other assorted haters fail to appreciate is that there were times in this country when talking ill of the President anywhere was a sin whose consequences were deadly. Imagining or contemplating the existence of another political party besides KANU was the greatest sin in Kenya, greater than breaking any of the ten commandments. If I’m told to write something about Raila, I can compile a full wheel barrow of papers. For others, I can hardly compile half a page.
Hate him or love him, Raila Amollo Odinga is the greatest icon of our time, South of Limpompo and North of Sahara.

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