Wololo! Over 70 beggars arrested in Nairobi crackdown

Wololo! Over 70 beggars arrested in Nairobi crackdown

At least 78 beggars were arrested in the Nairobi CBD in an early morning crackdown on Thursday.

The operation was carried out by a multi-agency team of city inspectorate officers, police and officers from the National Council of People with Disabilities.

The beggars were nabbed at OTC, Moi Avenue, Kenyatta Avenue and Tom Mboya street.

Youth and Gender CEC Janet Ouko more than 80 per cent of those arrested were people living with disabilities.

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Ouko added that the 20 handcarts that were being used to transport them were impounded.

The beggars were taken to Waithaka rehabilitation centre where they were grouped after it emerged that most of them were not Kenyans.

“They come from neighbouring countries. We plan to deport them immediately after the process,” Ouko said. “We will take adults to remand centres and children to rehab centres.”

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